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Yom Kippur

Yom Kippur

Friday & Shabbat September 29-30, 2017

Yom Kippur, the holiest day of the year, celebrates our relationship with G d.

We have this incredible, special opportunity to bond with our very essence, the part within us that forever remains close to G d.

While it's the most serious, solemn day of the year - there is joy, too:

The joy of our unique, everlasting, no-strings-attached connection with our Creator. The joy that comes from the confidence that, as the Gates of Judgement close, our prayers will be accepted and we will be granted a year of goodness, life, health and happiness.

Take a minute - and browse the links below to help make your Yom Kippur experience more meaningful. 

Loads of content  available on our site  can help too...:)

Best wishes for a sweet new year, filled with health, joy, peace and connection to the One Above! Tzom Kal - best wishes for an easy fast.

Rabbi Itchel & Perel Krasnjansky 

Yom Kippur Schedule, Friday & Shabbat (Sat.), Sept. 29-30

All services at Chabad House / Beit Chabad  


Light candles at 6:00 pm (max. latest time allowed is 6:15 pm). (No eating or drinking allowed after this time.)

Kol Nidrei - 6:30 pm 

Shabbat (Sat.) SEPT. 30

Shacharit Morning Service - 9:00 am,

YIZKOR Memorial Prayer - 12:00 noon,    

Mincha Afternoon Service - 4:30 pm  

Neilah, Closing Prayers -  5:30 pm 

Break-the-Fast Buffet - 7:00 pm 

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