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Selichos - סליחות  
Saturday night, September 16 (really Sept. 17!)                                           במוצ"ש 16/9   - 24:00 
  Selichos Services 12:00 am
Rosh Hashanah- ראש השנה   

All events take place at Chabad House unless otherwise noted

**Please join us for our gourmet holiday meals following all holiday / Shabbat services
To reserve, please call our office at 808-735-8161 or email info@chabadofhawaii.com.

נא להזמין לסעודות מראש 

Wednesday, Sept 20 - יום רביעי

Light candles & Mincha afternoon Service -    הדלקת נרות ותפילות מנחה ומעריב 
- Ala Moana Hotel, 2nd floor, Carnation Room

Followed by  Evening Service  

6:10 pm
  Rosh Hashana Holiday dinner following services  at Chabad - RSVP

 approximately 7:30 pm 

Thursday, Sept 21 - יום חמישי

Shacharit Service - Ala Moana Hotel, 2nd floor, Carnation Room


9:30 am

11:00 am - 1:00 pm

  Shofar Blowing  11:30 am and thorughout the day
  Deluxe Kiddush lunch after services at Chabad  
  Tashlich Services - Family Tashlich at Ala Moana Beach Park 4:00 pm
  Mincha afternoon service  6:15 pm
  Evening services 7:00 pm
  Light Candles from a pre-existing flame after 7:00 pm

NO PUBLIC Rosh Hashana Holiday dinner this evening

אין סעודה קהילתית בבית חב"ד הלילה 

Friday, Sept 22 - יום שישי

Shacharit Morning Services at Chabad House


9:30 am
  Shofar Blowing 11:30 am and throughout the day
  Deluxe Kiddush lunch after services  2:00 pm  - approximately
  Light Candles BEFORE 6:08 pm
  Mincha Afternoon Service 6:15 pm
  Kabbalat Shabbat Evening Service 6:30 pm
  Shabbat dinner following services 7:15 pm - approximately
Days in-between Rosh Hashanah & Yom Kippur 
עשרת ימי תשובה
Shabbat, Sept 23 - שבת
  Shacharit Morning Service 10:00 am
  Deluxe Kiddush Lunch Following Services 12:30 pm approximately
  Mincha Afternoon Service following Kiddush 200 pm approximately
  Ma’ariv Evening Service 7:00 pm
  Shabbat Ends 6:58 pm
Fast of Gedalya- Sunday, Sept 24 - צום גדלי
  Morning Service 8:30 am
  Maariv Evening Services 6:30 pm
  Fast Concludes 7:32 pm
Yom Kippur - יום כפור  

 Friday, Sept 29 - יום שישי

  Light Candles - זמן הדלקת נרות 6:00 pm
  Fast Begins -  הצום מתחיל 6:15 pm
  Kol Nidrei Services - תפילת קול נדרי 6:00 pm
Shabbat, Sept 30 - שבת

Morning Service - תפילת שחרית

CHILDRENS  PROGRAM                                                                                            

9:30 am

11:30 AM - 1:30 PM
  Yizkor Memorial Service - תפילת יזכור 1:00 pm
  Recess - הפסקה 3:30 pm - 4:45 pm
  Mincha Afternoon Service - תפילת מנחה 4:45 pm
  Neilah Closing Services - תפילת נעילה 5:45 pm
  Fast Concludes - Break-Fast follows Services
צאת החג. בופה עשיר אחרי התפילות
6:51 pm

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