Get your Matzah

This year, order handmade shmurah matzah the easy way. Traditional handmade  shmurah matzah is recommended for Seder use. Include handmade shmurah  matzah at your Seder table and share this sacred tradition with your friends and family.

Handmade shmurah matzah is available in many Jewish supermarkets and now, at your local Chabad House.

Since you'll need three whole slices for each Seder, two whole pieces per Shabbat and holiday meal , and more matzah to eat throughout the week of Passover, we recommend  1 lb. per person.

You can buy Matzah for friends and family,
or get one free Matzah for your Seder!
Call our office and set a pick up time. 

(808) 735-8161

Matzah Shmurah (white flour)  $26/lb