The 28th Yahrtzeit (Anniversary of passing) of
3 Tammuz, 5782 | July 2, 2022

28 years after the Rebbe's passing, his presence is felt stronger than ever. His teachings continue to inspire and guide us, and his insights remain as fresh and relevant as if they were given today. Each of us is a beneficiary of the Rebbe's inspiration in one way or another, and our lives are affected by his visionary leadership.



On the anniversary of his passing (this year, Fri eve July 1 through Shabbat July 2), let's celebrate the Rebbe's vision. Let's honor his life's mission to bring goodness and kindness into this world. Let's do one more mitzvah, one more good deed, to make this world a better place.

HERE ARE 2 EVENTS TO GET YOU STARTED! (Keep scrolling for more great info & links!)


Listen in as all EIGHT Chabad rabbis and rebbetzins from all across the Hawaiian islands share thoughts, memories and Rebbe stories!

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Thursday, June 30 7 pm HST


The Rebbe showed us how to LOVE:


Friday eve. July 1 - Shabbat July 2

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Additionally, within the next few weeks (mid July, beginning of August), we will be traveling to New York to visit the Rebbe's resting place, known as "the Ohel". Throughout our history, the holy resting places of the righteous have served as our spiritual oases. The gravesites of our patriarchs and matriarchs, as well as those of our great sages, are viewed in our tradition as places of prayer and introspection and have provided solace to us for millennia. The Rebbe would frequent the resting place of his father-in-law, the sixth Lubavitcher Rebbe, Rabbi Joseph Isaac Schneersohn, of righteous memory, where he would stand and pray for hours on behalf of the thousands of people who sent him their requests.

Today, many people visit the Rebbe's resting place—known as the Ohel—each day, and many more send in their requests for prayers and blessings.

It will be our honor to bring letters and blessing requests on behalf of you and your family which you may drop off at our office or send to us via email. While writing the letter or email, (PLEASE do so before Friday sunset or after Sat. dark, to honor and keep Shabbata holy),  remember to include the Hebrew names of the people you are asking requests for, as well as their mother's Hebrew name. It is also customary to commit to add one more Mitzvah, as a merit to receive G‑d's blessings.

We hope to see you at either or both of our commemorative events! And definitely take advantage of all the FANTASTIC info to be had by clicking on the links below! Sanctity via osmosis....

May this Shabbat be a meaningful and Divine experience!

Rabbi Itchel & Perel Krasnjansky