How is Chabad of Hawai'i funded?

Funds for activities at Chabad of Hawai'i rely entirely on the local community and visitors. Chabad of Hawaii does not receive any funding from the Chabad-Lubavitch Organization. Please consider making a donation to Chabad of Hawaii.

Are there any kosher restaurants on O'ahu?

Yes! Aloha Lani is a sit down restaurant and is open during summer and winter break.

Oahu Kosher is a meal delivery service that is open all year.

Where can I find kosher food on O'ahu?

Click here for our list of kosher resources.

Does Chabad of Hawai'i host Shabbat and Holiday Meals?

Yes! Chabad hosts Friday night dinner and Shabbat lunch every week. They also host Yom Tov meals.  Click here to learn more.

Is there a daily Minyan?

Throughout the year there are consistent minyanim on Shabbat and weekdays. Click here to learn more.

What hotels are near Chabad of Hawai'i?

There are over 100 hotels/vacation rentals within 1 mile of Chabad.  All accommodations have electronic keypads, most lock their stairwells, and some have motion sensors in the stairwells (We don't maintain a list of which hotels do what). You will have to make arrangements with the hotel security before Shabbat. Click here to learn more.

Unfortunately, we are not able to refer visitors to specific hotels nor do we have onsite sleeping accommodations.

On what day(s) is Shabbat observed in Hawai'i?

A few Rabbinical authorities hold that you must keep 2 days of Shabbat when in Hawai'i (Thursday night - Saturday night) as the exact location of the Halachic international dateline is a matter of debate.

Chabad of Hawai'i observes Shabbat for one day, from Friday night to Saturday night.  Be sure to discuss this with your Rabbi before traveling to Hawaii.

Are there Cholov Yisroel products in the supermarket?


Is there a Mikvah?

Yes! click here for more information.

Is there an Eruv? 


Unfortunately, we are not able to refer visitors to someone who can push strollers/wheelchairs on Shabbat.

Which of the Islands have a Chabad House?

Click here for the list of Chabad houses in Hawaii

How can I apply to be a counselor at Camp Gan Israel?

Send an email to [email protected]