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O'ahu offers a taste of everything Hawaiʻi has to offer, including a broad array of places to stay. You’ll find five-star resorts with lots of onsite amenities as well as smaller hotels, condos and rentals with a more local feel. Depending on your budget and the adventures you want to have on O'ahu, it’s easy to find just the right accommodations for your trip.

Unfortunately, we can not recommend specific accommodations.  You can use a search engine to find one that meets your budget, location, and amenity needs.


The majority of O'ahu's accommodations are in Waikīkī. This neighborhood is located in the heart of great shopping, beautiful beaches, and is next door to Chabad. It offers visitors the most lodging choices.

There are over 100 hotels/vacation rentals within 1 mile of Chabad.  All accommodations have electronic keypads, most lock their stairwells, and some have motion sensors in the stairwells (We do not maintain a list of which hotels do what).

When reserving a hotel, keep in mind that there is no Eruv.

Please make appropriate arrangements with the hotel security before Shabbat.

Vacation Rentals

In Hawai'i, apartments, condominiums and homes are eligible to operate as short-term rentals.

Vrbo and Airbnb are two popular sites for vacation rentals.